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How do I know that Cybersecurity Link is the right consulting agency for me?

We help businesses understand and cost-effectively tackle technology risks and opportunities. We work across a wide range of Government and Commercial Enterprises - approaching each of our clients with a business security context, develop customized and unique cybersecurity approaches.

We keep your business protected with cybersecurity services that are always one step ahead:

  • Cybersecurity Is Critical Part of Your Business. We assess current security posture and devise security strategy, gaps and recommendations .

  • Cyberattacks and Cyberthreats. We develop a plan that will enhance your organization’s cybersecurity without compromising or disrupting existing processes and operations.

  • Building a Cybersecurity Solution. Our team will launch the new cybersecurity plan and monitor its progress. We will deal with any issues swiftly to prevent disrupting your business.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

Cybersecurity Link offers a range of technical professional services that can be leveraged throughout the implementation of your systems. 

Whether the internal resources are just not available, or you need a third set of eyes, speak to us to see how we can help get your security implemented with our professional services:

  • Solution architecture and design review

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration testing

  • Achieve and Maintain compliance & audits: 

    • ISO 27001 Certification​

    • HIPAA – implement a system that securely collects, stores, and transfers patient-related data.

    • GDPR – pinpoint gaps in EU GDPR compliance status and design a plan to maintain compliance.

    • PCI-DSS – establish best practices for secure cardholder data collection and storage.

    • SOC – release valuable information on how your organization handles risk management.

Our consultants will work with your staff as if they were just another employee but backed by the security expertise and knowledge of Cybersecurity Link. 

My company is struggling with ever-changing Cyber threats and breach incidents. Can you help us stay relevant?

Our dedicated cybersecurity team is highly trained in threat monitoring, threat management, and threat disposals. Their expertise allows Cybersecurity Link Services to remain on top of existing and emerging threats and a breakneck pace, keeping you protected always. Learn how our cybersecurity solutions can protect your business.


Cyberthreats are a constant worry for businesses of any size, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our cybersecurity services provide complete protection against all cyber threats to give you, your employees, and your customers total peace of mind.

More than half of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses

These breaches frequently cost over $100k. For businesses of any size, especially small businesses, a sum of that amount is detrimental to proper functioning and stability.

Nearly ¼ of those cyberattacks force a suspension of operations

If your operations are suspended, your business cannot provide service to customers, employees, and partners. Most small businesses never recover from this.

The most common cyberattacks can easily trick an open system or employee

Cyberattacks are becoming smarter, disguising themselves so well that any employee or open system can be fooled. Don’t leave your infrastructure at risk.

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